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Payment Methods

1. Payment in store

You can pay by cash or card when you receive your order from our premises. The amount of payment allowed to be made in cash is defined by Greek legislation.


2. Cash on Delivery via Courier

Cash on delivery is available in consultation with the seller overseeing your account.

Cash on delivery is available when the courier with which our company maintains cooperation is selected.


3. Deposit to a Bank Account

Charmeg maintains accounts with all 4 major banks. You can deposit in the bank of your choice.

Your order is shipped after the bank transfer is completed. As a justification, enter the number of the order's preferential list. The delivery time starts from the date of completion of the payment. Delivery time and product availability between the time you place your order and the completion of the bank transfer may vary.


Bank charges are borne by the customer. The account numbers are as follows:


IBAN GR58 0172 0110 0050 1105 9112 970

IBAN: GR 43 0140 2390 2390 0210 1010 393 

IBAN GR68 0110 7240 0000 7247 0482 547

IBAN GR13 0260 4620 000 400 200 2789 02

Beneficiary of "Papanagiotou Vasiliki" accounts.