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Boiler Controllers

CHC-2-  Digital Burner Controller
CHC-2 device is the evolution of conventional, electromechanical burner controllers. It utilizes up-to-date digital technology to achieve high reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Extra functions for domestic hot water preparation can be implemented if needed.  Different metal or pl..
Ex Tax:149.50€
Robin- Digital Controller for Biomass Boilers
Modern digital biomass boiler control panel. wood and agricultural by-products with advanced customization features and absolutely flexible handling. Makes the most of the capabilities of each boiler and intelligently protects the installation from overheating, deposits and combustion residues. ..
Ex Tax:224.00€
SFBC+M- Controller for Boilers of Mixed Use Wood & Biomass
2-3 Days
The main feature of SFBC + M is that during its operation can only use wood or biomass or start burning wood when it is exhausted to continue with the burning of biomass or commisioning an auxiliary fuel boiler. Thus in cases where the supply of wood is not possible, heating is not discontinued. ..
Ex Tax:182.00€
Maximize Biomass Energy Yield Modern biomass boilers require specialized solutions and accurate control over their operation to perform to their full capability. The SFBC+F is the perfect complement to any biomass boiler aimed at users requirements. It incorporates the most sophisticated te..
Ex Tax:137.00€
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