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iQ100SW- Digital Room Thermostat for Heating & Cooling

iQ100SW- Digital Room Thermostat for Heating & Cooling Εnergy Saving
iQ100SW- Digital Room Thermostat for Heating & Cooling
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  • Model: C-IQ100SW

Each successful development process incorporates the positive features and experiences gained over time.

The iQ100SW thermostat was endowed with features that emerged after an in-depth study of areas such as functionality, adjustment accuracy, reliability and economy. It is intended for homes and office buildings, workplaces and public areas for which minimal aesthetic intervention and efficient operation are paramount. With the discreet display with backlight, oversized and sharp screen, handling is simple and familiarity is a matter of seconds.

When absolute savings and thermal comfort are the top priority, the advanced TPI algorithm undertakes quickly and accurately to ensure the best climatic conditions.

  • Reverse operation for use in heating & cooling systems
  • Simultaneous display of current room temperature and setpoint with resolution of 0.1C
  • Mains powered 230VAC/50ΗΖ±10%
  • On-off TPI operation (ErP Class IV)
  • Brihgtmess setting,  always ON option
  • Potential free output
  • Antifreeze protection
  • Detachable base
  • Adjustable hysteresis, accuracy, limits
  • LCD with backlight
Version Firmware User's Manual Upgradable to
(1) 1.01 iQ100SW_Users_Manual_gr_1.pdf (1)
(2) 1.02 iQ100SW_Users_Manual_gr_1.pdf (2)
(3) 1.03 iQ100SW_Users_Manual_gr_1.pdf (3)
Master Replacemet Guide
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