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iQ100.3H- Digital Room Thermostat for Hotels

iQ100.3H- Digital Room Thermostat for Hotels Εnergy Saving
iQ100.3H- Digital Room Thermostat for Hotels
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  • Model: C-IQ100.3H

The iQ series of digital thermostats is designed to meet the heating needs of every home and office building in a simple and efficient way.

It incorporates a host of innovative features providing us with unrivaled comfort, reliability and precise fuel economy, especially when using the Auto Adpat TPI algorithm. Its LED matrix display with discreet and elegant design is visible day and night continuously showing the room temperature. It incorporates a programming feature for deactivating, which makes it particularly versatile and practical.

Its installation is simple as the detachable base allows easy alignment before the electrical connection.

  • With two different temperature settings, one for the user and one for the hotelier
  • With command input from the card acceptor to activate the maintenance temperature selected by the hotelier
  • LCD with backlight
  • Auto Apapt TPI
  • Detachable base
  • Adjustable offset, differential, limits
  • Time-delayed switch-off
Version Firmware User's Manual Upgradable to
(1) 1.01 iQ100.3H_Users_Manual_gr_1.pdf (1)
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide