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RG-S- Ultrasonic Level Meter and Controller

RG-S- Ultrasonic Level Meter and Controller Obsolete
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RG-S- Ultrasonic Level Meter and Controller
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The RG-S can be used where level or distance measurement and control is required. It can control the level of a tank or the distance from an object.

It can be used in tank filling applications, overflow protection, automatic level control, or alarm activation in case of threshold exceeding.

No part of the device comes in contact with the medium. For this reason, it is suitable for tanks containing potable, edible, toxic, impure, or even harmful material.

Finally, it can also be used as a proximity distance sensor and controller.

  • Measures from 10cm to 2m (only 10cm dead zone).
  • Measures and controls the level of liquid or bulk material.
  • It functions reliably in temperatures from -5° up to 40°C.
  • It has flexible adjustments so it is easily adapted each to application
  • It has high and low setpoints
  • It can be installed in an easily accessible place as it has a separate remote sensor.
S-TAG Version User's Manual Upgradable to version
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