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MP-DT- Digital Differential Thermostat for Solar Systems

MP-DT- Digital Differential Thermostat for Solar Systems Obsolete
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MP-DT- Digital Differential Thermostat for Solar Systems
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Designed considering the climatic particularities of each geographic location the differential thermostat  MP-DT comprises the ideal solution for maximum efficiency and economy.

That controller is fully digital and user-configurable.

It has double lightning and electrostatic protection, proving it against even the worst environmental conditions.

It can execute a special anti-freeze program for extra collector protection.

Moreover, an intelligent mechanism for malfunction detection is incorporated. Provided with a luminous screen, it can show both current sensor temperatures and every warning message.

The MP-DT differential thermostat can be installed and adjusted easily to control the circulation pump.

If your solar system consists of one collector, one store, and a circulation pump this is the device you need.

  • Robust and Reliable
  • Delayed Start-up option
  • Installing and Configuring Flexibility       
  •  Easy Viewable Display
  • Anti-freeze and Lighting Protection
  • Self-diagnostic System
S-TAG Version User's Manual Upgradable to version
0001 to 1015 1 MP-DT_Users_Manual_7.pdf (1)
1016 to 2123 2 MP_DT_Users_Manual_gr_en_9.pdf (3)
2124 and greater 3 MP_DT_Users_Manual_gr_en_11.pdf (3)
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide