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CEV2- Diode Spherical Electrovalve

CEV2- Diode Spherical Electrovalve Obsolete
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CEV2- Diode Spherical Electrovalve
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The CEV2 total supply spherical Solenoid valves are suitable for use in autonomy devices, watering, and general automation.
They use a durable metal transmission box, a powerful motor, and a hermetically sealed housing (IP54) so ​​that they are not affected by environmental conditions.

Their brass part is designed based on many years of experience and conclusions obtained from numerous installations. It has a special design of rubber gaskets and double sealing to ensure its smooth operation.

They are available in a variety of cross-sections (11/4", 1", 3/4'', 1/2") and configurations while at the same time being easily adapted to any installation.

They ensure trouble-free, multi-year operation without malfunctions and always follow maximum safety specifications.