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C-S003 Completo- Solar Pump Station

C-S003 Completo- Solar Pump Station Obsolete
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C-S003 Completo- Solar Pump Station
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The hydraulic station C-S003 Completo applies to solar thermal forced circulation systems and contains all the necessary parts required for the correct collector and hot water store interconnection and system integration.

The proportional pump speed control allows to maintenance of the flow under moderate sunshine conditions thus maximizing the utilization of the collector field.

  • Embedded differential thermostat variable pump speed capable Charmeg Varisol -M32 (with 2 or 3 sensors)
  • Pump Inverter Wilo Yonos PARA ST15/7.0 PWM2
  • Manometer and expansion vessel hose.
  • High-efficiency deaerator
  • Αnti-gravity valve
  • Flow meter and flow regulator with  on/off valve (2- 12 l/min)
  • Safety valve
  • Polypropylene insulation
  • On/off flow and back-flow valve with thermometer
  • Extra input and output for filling, emptying, cleaning