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Supersoniq 622SE- Μeter & Level Controller with Ultrasound

Supersoniq 622SE- Μeter & Level Controller with Ultrasound Level Meter & Controller
Supersoniq 622SE- Μeter & Level Controller with Ultrasound
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Utilizing the latest technological developments Supersoniq 622SE is a reliable option for measuring and monitoring fluid or solid raw materials for household and industrial applications.

The new advanced UM40FP ultrasonic sensor perceives objects and levels through specific electronic interference rejection filters and distances from 30cm to 5m. The new sensor has improved corrosion and moisture protection to be able to withstand corroding materials and environments.

It has 2 relay outputs with separate trigger levels and can accommodate up to 2 different level sensors. An individual relay output is also present for alarm notification purposes.

Various industrial interfaces are provided as a standard for connection to other devices or PLCs.

Supersoniq 622SE offers a unique WiFi option when combined with the Si! Module and the respective Android app are available freely at Google Play.

  • Pump alternating function for uniform wear
  • Calculation of liters, or% content in uniform tanks
  • 2 level/distance or inputs
  • 3 relay outputs with free potential contacts
  • Maximum measuring distance 5m
  • Recording of statistical data
  • Sensor-device distance using a single cable (100m)
  • Outputs 0-5V, PWM, RS232
  • WiFi ready to accommodate Si! Module
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