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C-S304M- High Efficiency Solar Pump Station

C-S304M- High Efficiency Solar Pump Station Solar Thermal
C-S304M- High Efficiency Solar Pump Station
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The C-S304Μ hydraulic kit is intended for integration into forced circulation systems whose goal is to achieve high performance combined with top ergonomics and reliability.

It includes all the necessary hydraulic components required for the correct and safe connection of the solar collectors to the boiler as well as the Varisol-S32 solar controller.

The proportional control of the speed of the circulating pump allows the flow to be maintained in conditions of moderate sunshine and thus the maximum utilization of the collector field.

  • Flow range 2-12lt/min
  • Solar thermal controller Varisol-S32
  • Pump Wilo Para ST 25/6 (18cm)
  • Pump speed interface iPWM adjusts pump at constant speed
  • Piping thread  DN20 for maximum pressure loss
  • High-performance deaerator
  • Filling and emptying system
  • Reliable flowmeter
  • Double antigravity check valve 10bar
  • Metall back plate base for strong and safe component support
  • Special prerouted pass of the internal cabling
  • CE and TUV-certified safety valve
  • Insulation divided into the parts for easy installation
  • Housing compartment for solar thermal controller