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iQT2 Wave- Wireless Temperature Sensor Thermostat

iQT2 Wave- Wireless Temperature Sensor Thermostat Εnergy Saving
iQT2 Wave- Wireless Temperature Sensor Thermostat
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iQ-T2 Wave is a general-purpose, wall-mounted thermostat and thermometer with a wireless remote sensor.

Its unique features make it necessary where cable crossing is impossible or unprofitable.

Through the digital transmission, the user is informed by the room unit about the temperature and the condition of the sensor battery. The quality of the wireless communication is graphically displayed in the indoor unit while the differential accuracy and adjustment limits can be changed by the user.

Application examples:

  • Inform us about the temperature of the water in the solar panel.
  • Check the boiler temperature at the desired point
  • Activate the central heating system based on the ambient temperature

Its LCD screen with its discreet and elegant design is visible day and night, constantly showing the temperature of the wireless sensor.

Its installation is simple as the shell is divided into base and front allowing easy alignment before the electrical connection.

It has a powerful relay output through which other devices can be commanded.


On-Off control

  • Wireless remote sensor powered by battery
  • 32 digitally selected communication addresses
  • Long - range, reliable communication
  • Adjustable difference, accuracy, limits
  • Simultaneous display of real and desired temperature with a resolution of 0.1C
  • Detachable base
  • Power supply with 230VAC / 50HZ ± 10%