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iQ-T2- Digital Thermostat- Thermometer with Remote sensor

iQ-T2- Digital Thermostat- Thermometer with Remote sensor Εnergy Saving
iQ-T2- Digital Thermostat- Thermometer with Remote sensor
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  • Model: C-IQT2

iQ-T2 type is a general-purpose, wall-mounted thermostat and thermometer with a remote immersion or outdoor sensor.

Its great accuracy and resolution exceed the requirements of most applications. With its elegant design, it perfectly fits into every interior.

Electrostatic and lightning protection makes it ideal for controlling temperature in outdoor appliances. Accuracy and hysteresis can be configured by the user.

Application examples:

  • Information for the temperature of the water in the solar water heater
  • Temperature boiler control
  • Pump activation in hydronic fireplaces
  • Activation of the central heating system based on the ambient temperature

It incorporates a host of innovative features, offering unrivaled comfort, reliability, and precise fuel economy when using the Auto Adapt TPI algorithm.

Its LCD with its discreet and elegant design is visible day and night, continuously showing the temperature of the sensor.

Its installation is simple as the detachable base allows easy alignment before the electrical connection.


On-Off control

TPI operation

  • Remote Immersed or Environmental Temperature Sensor
  • Display  LCD with backlight
  • Auto Apapt TPI
  • Detachable base
  • Adjustable differential, accuracy, limits
  • Simultaneous display of current room temperature and setpoint with resolution of 0.1C
  •  Potential free output
  •  Supply powered 230VAC/50ΗΖ±10%