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Automation, General Purpose Thermostats

iQ-T2 type is a general-purpose, wall-mounted thermostat and thermometer with a remote immersion or outdoor sensor. Its great accuracy and resolution exceed the requirements of most applications. With its elegant design, it perfectly fits into every interior. Electrostatic and lightning protec..
Ex Tax:82.50€
iQ-T2 Wave is a general-purpose, wall-mounted thermostat and thermometer with a wireless remote sensor. Its unique features make it necessary where cable crossing is impossible or unprofitable. Through the digital transmission, the user is informed by the room unit about the temperature and th..
Ex Tax:128.00€
PMT-F1- Digital Temperature Controller
2-3 Days
Digital controller PMT-F1 is intended for use in professional refrigerators and hot cabins. It executes precise and reliable temperature control acting in the compressor or the thermal elements. It is programmed through flexible menus so that it suits each application. It allocates improved..
Ex Tax:63.50€
PMT-F2- Digital Heating & Cooling Controller
2-3 Days
A general-purpose thermostat  PMT -F2 for panel mount installation. It has good accuracy and it can be easily modified to adapt various applications.     It is shielded against electrostatic discharge and it has internal lighting protection. Thus it is ideal for temperature c..
Ex Tax:63.50€
The Sparq device is intended for applications that need to be used:   Single or double thermostat upper or lower limit.   Single or double thermostat in or out of temperature range.   Differential thermostat with 2 inputs.   Differential thermostat of absolute differe..
Ex Tax:146.00€
Freely programmable controller Universalis for temperature control applications (Thermo-PLC), general automation, automation of heating systems, solar thermal. Includes arithmetic and logic units, four sensor inputs, and three relay outputs which can be connected freely to implement complex autom..
Ex Tax:171.00€
Digital controller designed to produce and control hot water recirculation with integrated protection against the legionella bacterium.   Recirculation control is based on the current water temperature of the tank and the demand for consumption detected by a flow meter. It is an ideal sup..
Ex Tax:253.00€
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