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AKN20- Motor Speed Regulator

AKN20- Motor Speed Regulator Fireplace Controllers
AKN20- Motor Speed Regulator
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Motor speed controllers ensure the operation of each motor at the desired speed, replacing conventional and energy-intensive methods, thus contributing significantly to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

AKN20 is intended for speed regulation for asynchronous AC motors in applications of ventilation, air heaters, circulators, etc.


The adjustment is done manually, achieving the smooth operation of the motor.

Smooth continuous speed regulation also contributes to this.

In addition, it has a built-in interference filter.

Internally there is a preset selector of minimum speed to protect the motor when starting.


  • Suitable for asynchronous ventilation motors
  • Maximum power: 250W
  • Operating voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Housing construction material: ABS V0 non-flammable