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CHC-2- Digital Burner Controller

CHC-2-  Digital Burner Controller Boiler Controllers
CHC-2- Digital Burner Controller
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  • Model: C-CHC2

CHC-2 device is the evolution of conventional, electromechanical burner controllers.

It utilizes up-to-date digital technology to achieve high reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.

Extra functions for domestic hot water preparation can be implemented if needed. 

Different metal or plastic enclosures can be used upon request.

How to connect the CHC-2 and a Time Share Billing system? Look here.

  • Controls the burner and the circulation pump.
  • Can be used with any type of burner.
  • Has additional mechanical safety thermostat.
  • Has anti-frost protection.
  • Has pump anti-lock protection due to long-lasting inactivity.
  • Digital high luminosity display.
  • Only one temperature probe was used.
  • Has a durable tactile keyboard.
  • Simple and user friendly operation.