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ULTRA+- Solar Thermal System Controller

ULTRA+- Solar Thermal System Controller Εnergy Saving
ULTRA+- Solar Thermal System Controller
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  • Model: C-ULTRA+

The ULTRA+ solar controller can be considered the most sophisticated automation for complex solar installations.

It can be modified easily to adapt to the demands of every solar exploitation system.

It can also capture effectively the energy coming from the sun to redirect it to the heating, cooling, or even domestic hot water system of the building.

It is easily adjustable through a luminous liquid crystal display and a flexible menu and submenu system.


  • 13 different modes of operation
  • Can charge up to three individual stores
  • Can collect energy from east-west orientated collectors
  • Drives the collector medium pump
  • Drives water pumps, three-way and two-way motorized electro valves
  • Activates the boiler’s burner
  • Utilizes the energy of a solid fuel burner
  • Controls the recirculation domestic hot water pump


  • Mains powered 230VAC
  • Relay dry contacts 5A/230VAC-30VDC
  • Uses up to four temperature sensors
  • It has trimmable anti-freeze setpoint
  • Improved sensor malfunction system
  • Anti-lighting and anti-static protection
  • For rail and wall mount
  • Operating Modes Figure 1