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Vario Air Wall- Fireplace Blower Controller

Vario Air Wall- Fireplace Blower Controller Fireplace Controllers
Vario Air Wall- Fireplace Blower Controller
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Modern fireplaces offer an important contribution as heating sources for the whole house apart from a pleasant atmosphere. 

Vario Air Wall is automation that will accompany the fireplace and allow it to have the performance required. 


Vario Air Wall adapts to any fan-equipped fireplace hot air exhaust with or without a diversion canal system. Can work efficiently in the following ways:

  • Manual Setting the fan speed and operation solely by the user
  • Stand-by Automatically initiate a specific speed defined by the user when the temperature of the fireplace rises
  • Auto Completely automatic operation both during ignition and proportional setting the fan speed


  • Discreet, compact, and modern design
  • Continuous proportional control of the hot air blower 
  • Silent operation commensurate with the needs
  • Audible alarm 
  • Digital temperature display
  • Embedded electronic filters