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CHS- Time programmable Controller

CHS- Time programmable Controller Εnergy Saving
CHS- Time programmable Controller
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The time-programmable heating controller CHS comprises the ideal solution for blocks of flats or multi-property buildings in which the heating system is activated at predefined periods over the day when the environmental temperature is below the desired level.

CHS executes with no digression the heating schedule as agreed by the inhabitants. Six individual heating periods are offered each of which with its temperature activation limit. Thus the 24-hour schedule can be defined easily and accurately.

The heating system is available only when it is necessary ensuring thermal comfort and substantial economy.


  • Up to 6 heating periods
  • Independent activation limit for each period
  • External temperature is constantly displayed

Time-programmable heating operation offers

  • Thermal comfort
  • Fuel economy and air pollution reduction
  • Decreased maintenance demand
  • Contention absence among the inhabitants
S-TAG Version User's Manual Upgradable to version



1.02-1.06 CHS_Users_Manual_gr_3.pdf 1.07



1.07 CHS_Users_Manual_gr_4.pdf 1.07
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