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Supercom 646- Radio Concentrator

Supercom 646- Radio Concentrator Sontex- Heat metering
Supercom 646- Radio Concentrator
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The radio central Supercom 646 is a remote data readout system, permanently installed, working with the bidirectional radio system Supercom of Sontex.

The radio central collects radio data supplied by radio devices that are saved in a non-volatile flash memory. With the radio's different available interfaces, the data can be read at all times and used for dependent consumption measuring and billing.

The readout and the configuration of the radio central are done with the software Tools646 supplied with the radio central Supecom 646.

  • Readout of all data stored in the radio central Superior 646 (heat meter, heat
  • cost allocator, radio modules for water meters, radio pulse adapters, etc.)
  • Program for different data collection dates with optional repetition.
  • Memory for up to 1000 radio devices in a non-volatile flash memory.
  • Readout of the central radio by GSM/GPRS, M-Bus, USB, and RS-232 interfaces.
  • Data saved in XML file format with software Tools646.
User's Manual/ Guides  
User's manual Supercom_646.pdf
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide