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CK4- Compact Heatmeter Installation Kit 3/4''

CK4- Compact Heatmeter Installation Kit 3/4'' Sontex- Heat metering
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CK4- Compact Heatmeter Installation Kit 3/4''
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  • Model: CK4

The CK4 is intend to be used in compact heatmeter installations of total length 110mm and connection thread of 3/4".

It is considered as the absolutelly essential for accessory for the installation phase ensuring correct operation of the heat heatmeter.

The use of CK4 offers

  • Accurate temperature sensor placement and thus correct, valid measurement.
  • Installation cost fragmentation and future installation provision.
  • Steal and brakage protection when the building is still open and general installation operations are performed.
  • Simple and ease replacement, clean and inspection of the instrument.

The CK2 kit consists of:

  • 1x. Ball valve 3/4'' with exra appropriate input for the tamperature probe.
  • 2x Ball valve 1/2''
  • 2x Connection joint 3/4''-1/2''
  • 1x Tube threaded 3/4'' with length 110mm