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T10B- Electronic Battery Powered Room Thermostat

T10B- Electronic Battery Powered Room Thermostat Room Temperature Control
T10B- Electronic Battery Powered Room Thermostat
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  • Model: C-T10B

T10B comprises the contemporary thermostat proposal for effective temperature control when using it in a room or throughout the house.

It requires only two wires to connect to the heating system.

It is distinguished by its modern aesthetics, its multiple capabilities, and the economical operation of the heating system.

Its electronic design, based on the principles of Charmeg's ecological function and management, enables it to operate with precision and reliability.

  • Only two wires needed for the connection
  • Flashing LED indicates operation
  • Ideal for heating by fuel or natural gas
  • ON-OFF front face switch
  • Large easy to use rotating knob
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Adjustable temperature selection range 0°C...+30°C (most useful for hotels, schools, etc.)
  • Differential 0.35°C
  • Contact current rating 2(4)Α