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Application Notes

ΑΝ001- Types and Capabilities of Room Thermostats


ΑΝ002- Differential Thermostats


AN003- Gas Sensor Technology


AN004- What is the Accurate meaning of Precision?

Α brief explanation that will help installers and technical engineers to remove the daze regarding these terms.


ΑΝ005- Heatmeters & Volume meters based on Fluidic Oscillation


AN006- Differential Thermostats. Clarifications concerning the priority issue

When a differential thermostat which utilizes an auxiliary energy source is used a doubt regarding the most effective priority scheme would arise.


ΑΝ007- District Heating Implementation in Old Apartment Buildings (only Greek)

A usefull guide for district space heating in old apartment buildings without this option.


AN008- Timecounters, Heatmeters, Heatcost allocators in Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water Preparation (only Greek)

A practical guide for engineers and technicians which clarifies the way of using timecounters, heatmeters and heat cost allocators in space heating and domestic hot water preparation.


AN009- Use and Applications of Differential Thermostats

The most interesting ways of using differential thermostats at common and new applications.


AN010- Simple Questions and Answers Concerning the Weather Compensation


AN011- Hydrothermic FireplaceTzaki- Special Needs and Methods of Integration


AN012- Thermal Comfort in Indoor Places

A simple and comprehensible guide to factors that influence indoor comfort.