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iQ30.2- Digital Room Heating & Cooling Thermostat for Fan-coils

iQ30.2- Digital Room Heating & Cooling Thermostat for Fan-coils Εnergy Saving
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iQ30.2- Digital Room Heating & Cooling Thermostat for Fan-coils
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  • Model: C-IQ30.2

The proper operation of an underfloor heating and cooling system is a complex task.
The necessary output power on the one hand and the requested thermal comfort on the other are requirements that conflict with each other.
In such applications there is always the risk of dangerous and annoying moisture on the floor with disastrous results.
The iQ-30.2 room temperature controller undertakes to solve the problem and protect the facility by regulating temperature and humidity and ensuring excellent climatic conditions.

How is it possible?
The controller simultaneously measures the temperature and relative humidity of the room by calculating the dew point.
Activates the underfloor heating and cooling system to ensure the desired temperature.
When the room humidity increases, it independently activates the dehumidification function and eliminates the possibility of condensation.


  • Automatic & manual fan-coil speed control
  • Automatic & manual heating-cooling switching
  • Separate eco temperature setpoints for heating and cooling.
  • Special fan-coil activation sequence for easy starting
  • Monitoring of moisture conditions based on relative humidity or dew point
  • Automatic or manual switching to heating and cooling
  • Automatic or manual fan-coil speed adjustment
  • 1 output to control the supply valve or the floor pump
  • 1 output to activate dehumidification
  • 3 outputs for fan-coil speed control
  • Temperature selection Normal, eco
  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • Detachable base
  • Adjustable differential, precision
  • Lock setting limits
  • Water temperature monitoring sensor input
Version Firmware User's Manual Upgradable to
(1) 2.02 iQ30_2_v2.02_Users_Manual_gr_2.pdf (1)
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide