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iQ10 Day- Day Programmable Room Thermostat

iQ10 Day- Day Programmable Room Thermostat Εnergy Saving
iQ10 Day- Day Programmable Room Thermostat
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  • Model: C-IQ10_Day

Enjoy the warmth unconcern by adjusting the temperature automatically for every hour of the day.

The programmable iQ10 Day thermostat has been created precisely to relieve you of the constant stress of the right temperature in your home or office.

Simply program it and enjoy your favorite activities.

Sophisticated algorithms and technology will be undertaken to maintain ideal conditions in the rooms and provide you with economy and comfort.

  • Day programmable
  • 6 periods per day
  • Temperature can be selected among manual, eco, and program settings
  • Luminous LCD
  • 24 months of battery backup
  • Detachable base
  • Adjustable hysteresis, offset
  • Adjustable setpoint range
Version Firmware User's Manual Upgradable to
(1) 1.01 iQ10_Day_Users_Manual_gr_1.pdf (1)
(2) 1.03 iQ10_Day_Users_Manual_gr_1.pdf (2)
Master Replacemet Guide
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