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Supercal 539- Household Heatmeter

Supercal 539- Household Heatmeter Obsolete
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Supercal 539- Household Heatmeter
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Electronic, single-type calorimeter for measuring energy in autonomous heating and cooling systems.


The main field of application is central heating installations which autonomously distribute the heating to independent consumers who are required to pay for the energy consumed.

- Block of flats

- Buildings with many uses

- Different types of consumers, boilers, bodies of various types

- Office buildings

The Supercal 539 calorimeter consists of the single nozzle flow meter, the electronic unit and the temperature sensors. A special filter for large particles is built into the inlet of the flow meter

The flow meter is designed according to the latest technological developments. High quality construction ensures long-term, trouble-free operation. The dry flow sensor and special, high-hardness impeller bearings allow efficient rotation and accurate measurement. With this technique in which only the impeller is inside the liquid, problems caused by the purity of the liquid are avoided. The temperature sensor is placed in a special position of the metal part of the thermometer.

The electronic unit has a large 7-digit LCD for easy reading. For the same reason, the screen rotates 350°.

The low power consumption, Pt10000W sensor, and high-capacity battery keep the device continuously powered during its lifetime between scheduled recheck intervals.

There are four models of the Surercal 539 meter each with their additional features.


Type    Features

  • 539 Standard Measures thermal energy.
  • 539 Plus It has two additional pulse inputs for measuring other quantities such as gas, water, and electricity.
  • 539 Heating/ Cooling For cooling and heating installations.
  • 539 Plus Heating/Cooling It has two additional pulse inputs for measuring other quantities such as gas, water, and electricity and is used in cooling and heating installations.

All types are equipped with an optical infrared interface according to EN 60870-5 and it is possible to be equipped with additional interfaces such as,

  • Pulse output
  • M-bus (EN1434)
  • Two-way wireless communication.
  • t depicts the 15 monthly consumption values.
  • Easy to use and read.
  • It depicts the most important functional quantities.
  • It has non-erasable EEPROM memory.
  • Fault diagnosis system.
  • Compact and built to fit in confined spaces.
  • Special design for reliable operation.
  • Large 7-digit display for easy reading of prices.