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SFBC+F- Biomass Boiler Controller & Screw Raw Material Feeder Controller

SFBC+F- Biomass Boiler Controller & Screw Raw Material Feeder Controller Obsolete
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SFBC+F- Biomass Boiler Controller & Screw Raw Material Feeder Controller
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  • Model: C-SFBC+F

Maximize Biomass Energy Yield

Modern biomass boilers require specialized solutions and accurate control over their operation to perform to its full capability.

The SFBC+F is the perfect complement to any biomass boiler aimed at users requirements.

It incorporates the most sophisticated techniques at wood combustion to maximize heat gain yet eliminate any missoperation.

It's careful design allows boilers to serve residential and small block of flats buildings.


Biomass Combustion Demands

The burning of biomass is particularly demanding when challenge is to ensure the quality of heating.

The SFBC+F address all the problems in the most effective way:

  • Overheating

The speed of the blower is adjusted proportionally and not in steps and thus any overheating symptom is  avoided.

  • Corrosion

The temperature is monitored continuously and maintained at a point which prevents corrosion

  • Burning chamber contamination 

The adjustable function between carefully selected temperature limits minimizes the deposits accumulation.

  • Undesirable burn out

The operation of the SFBC is based on 2 analogue regions corresponding to normal and reduced capacity. Thus, the reduced demand for heat leads to adequate combustion level and no fire extinction.

  • Fuel waste

The SFBC+F recognizes by considering specific criteria when the heating requirement has been eliminated and goes to low power mode. Therefore it saves fuel when needed.


Operating Modes

The SFBC+F adapts to any installation as well as any logic of operation with 5 independent working modes.

  • Autonomous operation
  • Operation with exclusive thermostat authority
  • With room thermostat and heating requirements traceability
  • With room thermostat and delayed burnout
  • With room thermostat MP-RW for absolute control from inside the house



  • Digital design with practically unlimited lifetime
  • Control of the combustion blower (analog) and the circulation pump.
  • Audible overheating alarm
  • Protects the installation from ice conditions