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RCOE- Remote Control and Monitor Over Ethernet

RCOE- Remote Control and Monitor Over Ethernet Obsolete
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RCOE- Remote Control and Monitor Over Ethernet
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RCOE (Remote Control Over Ethernet) is used for controlling remotely other devices via Ethernet and Internet. It is ideal for in-building control (BMS) or from anywhere in the world.

Easy to use and handy RCOE is accompanied by Handle_With_Care software the full version of which is distributed free with the device. 

Can be used for

  • Remote control and remote management
  • Control
  • Surveillance
  • Record


With three outputs can be handled remotely electrical appliances such as lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning and even watering and irrigation devices.


Monitoring - Recording

The four inputs can be used to measure temperature and other quantities or for finding states of limit switches, outputs of other devices, alarm activation, etc.

Simultaneously, the indications may be recorded in a file for further study and record keeping.

  • Activation of the heating system
  • Temperature measurement for residential and business premises
  • Record of temperatures in remote unsupervised places
  • Monitoring and recording the performance of solar thermal, geothermal energy, and renewable energy systems
  • Reboot and monitoring network equipment