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CCA 555- Expense Allocator

CCA 555- Expense Allocator Obsolete
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CCA 555- Expense Allocator
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Electronic allocator of heating costs for mounting on any type of body.

It measures the energy consumed and displays it on an easy-to-read screen.

With the use of the cost allocator and the installation of thermostatic heads or electrothermal valves, autonomous heating is possible in buildings where such care was not initially taken.

Cost allocation is now done fairly and correctly even in old installations.

  • Battery operated.
  • It has an infrared interface.
  • It records and retains the consumption of the last 36 months.
  • It presents all important measurement parameters.
  • Special mechanical and electronic mechanisms prevent malicious interventions.
  • It works at temperatures of 0°C...+120°C.