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Robin- Digital Controller for Biomass Boilers

Robin- Digital Controller for Biomass Boilers Boiler Controllers
Robin- Digital Controller for Biomass Boilers
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  • Model: C-ROBIN

Modern digital biomass boiler control panel. wood and agricultural by-products with advanced customization features and absolutely flexible handling.

Makes the most of the capabilities of each boiler and intelligently protects the installation from overheating, deposits and combustion residues.

Available in the form of a complete device or boards for integration into the construction structure of the boiler.

  • Automatic, proportional air and fuel supply
  • Operation with or without a flue gas sensor
  • Separate user and installer menu
  • Fuel depletion identification Connection with room thermostat
  • Screw lock detection
  • Power screw relay mounted on a base for easy replacement
  • Overheating sound alarm
  • Automatic ignition (Robin-P) 
  • Operation via RotorFlex interface
Version User's Manual Upgradable to version
0.07 Robin_Users_Manual_gr_2.pdf 0.07
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide