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Ei6500- Type Smoke Detector C

Ei6500- Type Smoke Detector C Gas Detection
Ei6500- Type Smoke Detector C
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  • Model: S-Ei6500

Standalone indoor smoke detector (Type-C) with integrated 10-year battery life.

It monitors the space in which it is placed and activated through smoke detection, signaling an audible alarm.

It communicates with the Sontex wireless network via Supercom (433MHz) or wM-Bus (868MHz) to monitor it and verify its status.

  • 10 years battery life
  • Detection of detection barriers
  • Compensation for blockage of detection ducts
  • Buzzer fault detection
  • Status monitoring and information via lights
  • Suitable for bedrooms
User's Manual/ Guides  
Instalation & Use Manual flyer_son_rwm-sa2_0520_en.pdf
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide