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DTL26- L.P.G. Leak Detector

DTL26- L.P.G. Leak Detector Gas Detection
DTL26- L.P.G. Leak Detector
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The economy and the facility of use of LPG fuel should be accompanied by ultimate safety.

Charmeg's leak detectors utilize the most awarding and reliable methodology of detection that allows stable, long-lasting operation without changing the sensitivity.

They have luminous indicators and a high-volume buzzer.

They can drive any kind of safety valve (NO/NC) and they can be supplied with 12VDC or 230VAC.

Stand-alone and network operations are both possible. Thus bigger buildings can be monitored with the same equipment.

At the time interval that is predetermined by the national regulations, only the sensing element should be replaced, instead of the whole detector.

They are fully certified for safety, and electromagnetic compatibility as well as for their correct functionality according to the latest EN50194 directive.

  • High Sensitivity
  • Fake Alarm Avoidance System
  • Test Button
  • High Selectivity
  • Simple and Flexible Connectivity
  • Elegant Design


  • Stand-alone or network operation
  • Suitable for any type of NO, NC, AC230V, DC12V valve
  • It can be powered by AC230V or DC12V
  • Replaceable sensor
User's Manual/ Guides  
Instalation & Use Manual DTL26_Users_Manual_gr_en_8.pdf
Master Replacemet Guide
Sensor Selection Guide