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Sherpa M43- Solar Thermal System Controller

Sherpa M43- Solar Thermal System Controller Εnergy Saving
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Sherpa M43- Solar Thermal System Controller
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  • Model: C-SHERPA_M43

The Sherpa M43 Solar System Controller is intended for medium or large size solar systems with corresponding performance and safety requirements.

It is designed to maximize thermal gain, minimize losses and optimize thermal energy management.

For this purpose, it offers all the modern features that are necessary in a demanding installation.

Essentially simple during installation, with increased functionality during use but also effective in dealing with extreme situations, it is an intelligent management and control center that will highlight the potential of any solar thermal system.


  • 20 Hydraulic variants
  • PT1000 sensors
  • PWM speed setting
  • Pump fault diagnosis (iPWM)
  • Internal clock with power reserve > 2 years
  • Time programmable heating support
  • Priority for charging multiple stores
  • Adjustable frost protection temperature
  • Support of drain-back systems
  • Support of systems with vacuum collectors


  • Thermal disinfection (active and passive) with completion time recording
  • Thermal gain measurement (solar thermal energy)
  • Rejection of excess heat
  • AMR (Automatic Memory Recovery) memory error repair mechanism
  • Statistics log file
  • Error log file
  • Full manual output control for testing
  • AirLink wireless transmission infrastructure
  • Separate menus for reset, deleting errors, events, statistics
  • Easy customization with PEGS (Peripheral Engage System)


  • New look and design with discrete connection and component compartments
  • Moisture and soaking resistant enclosure
  • Provision for easy support and alignment
  • Graphic screen, illuminated with brightness adjustment
  • Communicate with full descriptions, not abbreviations
  • RotorFlex pressure/rotation control
  • Color-coded visual status display (green, red)
  • Internal fuse in the connection area
  • Replacement fuse in the cover of the connection area
  • Quick start guide
  • Detailed technical manual
  • Embedded QRCODE with user manual