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Supercal 739- Mechanical Heatmeter, 2.5m3/h, 1''

Supercal 739- Mechanical Heatmeter, 2.5m3/h, 1'' Sontex- Heat metering
Supercal 739- Mechanical Heatmeter, 2.5m3/h, 1''
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Electronic, compact type calorimeter for measuring energy in autonomous heating and cooling systems with

nominal flow qp 2.5 m3/h, total length 130mm and thread dimension 1''.

The main field of application is central heating installations which autonomously distribute the heating to independent consumptions that are required to pay for the amount of energy consumed.

  • Block of flats
  • Multi owner buildings
  • Different types of energy consumers i.e heat radiators, domestic hot water stores
  • Heat radiators of different types
  • Office buildings

The Supercal 739 calorimeter consists of the single nozzle flow meter, the electronic unit and the temperature sensors. A special filter for large particles is built into the inlet of the flow meter.

The electronic unit is equipped with a large 7-digit LCD display for easy reading. For the same reason the screen rotates 360°.

It is equipped with an infrared optical interface according to EN 60870-5 and can additionally have:

  • Pulse output/Output
  • wMbus
  • M-bus
  • Two-way wireless communication