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Superstatic 449: Θερμιδομετρητής Χωρίς Κινητά Μέρη
Superstatic 449 Θερμιδομετρητής Χωρίς Κινητά Μέρη










The compact static heat and cooling meter with the unique measurement principle

The new compact heat and cooling meter Superstatic 449 from Sontex is the consistent further development who apply the successfully fluid oscillation principle which established itself in the recent years more and more, and offers exceptional measurement accuracy and measurement stability.

The Superstatic 449 is based, like the proved Superstatic 440, on the static measurement principle of the fluid oscillation. All these advantages and features are embedded in a new compact form for low flow from qp 0,6 - 2,5 m³/h.

The fluid oscillation flow meter Superstatic 449 is available with a spittable multifunctional integrator, himself completed with a large variety of communication modules and allows a large field of applications and an easy integration into district heating or building management system.

The Superstatic 449 meets the requirements of the European Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2004/22/EC and EN 1434 class 2.

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